Signs of Safety Trainers and Consultants

Licensed trainers and consultants who assist practitioners and agencies to learn and implement the Signs of Safety approach are available in Europe, United Kingdom, North America, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Trainers can provide training and ongoing practitioner support in the approach; consultants are equipped and experienced to assist organisations to implement the approach. Licensed Signs of Safety trainers and consultants work together with their colleagues in their own country co-ordinated by country-based Signs of Safety Business Managers.

All trainers and consultants participate actively in the broader international community, sharing and growing their knowledge and skills through training, gatherings and individual and group supervision. To maintain their license to lead the Signs of Safety, all trainers and consultants undertake an accreditation process each year.

Here is the full list of the Signs of Safety Trainers, Consultants and Business Managers. If you would like information on how to become licensed as a Signs of Safety Trainer or Consultant you can find that information on the Resolutions Consultancy website.

Andrew Turnell

Andrew Turnell


Signs of Safety Co-Creator; Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant; CEO, Resolutions Consultancy

Viv Hogg

Viv Hogg

United Kingdom

Licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant; Signs of Safety Regional Director for the United Kingdom

Dan McCormick

United States

Licensed Signs of Safety Consultant, Signs of Safety Regional Director for North America (on behalf of SafeGenerations)